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I have known Brenda Bethune for many years and even in the tough times she makes prayerful, thoughtful, decisions for all those involved. Quite frankly, however, the most important reason that you should choose Brenda Bethune for Mayor is that she is doing this for the pure and simple reason of wanting to lead Myrtle Beach into a better future. She does need to, she wants to. With her skill-set, she can make a change and address ALL of the issues that have plagued Myrtle Beach in recent years. Why go backwards and choose from two candidates that have served in this office for many, many terms?  Let’s make the right choice and go forwards with a woman who has a plan and a skill-set to make it happen. 

 Dr. Pamela Pyle, physician Myrtle Beach

As a business owner in Myrtle Beach I put my full support behind Brenda Bethune for Mayor. She is a proven leader and a successful entrepreneur / businesswoman, which is exactly what our city needs right now. We live in a tourism driven town whether your business or your job deals directly with tourism or not. The success or failure of our tourism industry creates a trickle-down effect that impacts everyone in this community. Unfortunately for all of us, as a town we’ve hit a fork in the road when it comes to what direction Myrtle Beach is headed.

The major issues in this election – public safety, downtown redevelopment, economic concerns – all add up to one major issue, in my opinion, and that is branding. Myrtle Beach is going through a branding problem. Our appearance to the outside world is nothing but negative right now and that needs addressed. We need to figure out who we are, know who we are trying to become and then we need to show the rest of the country what a great place this is to bring their family and their businesses.

So, when it comes to electing someone to effectively improve our city’s branding, I’ll put my faith and trust into someone that has a proven track record of success in business. Not just any business, success in local Myrtle Beach business. To me, there is no person more qualified to help lead Myrtle Beach through these tough times and into prosperous ones than Brenda Bethune.

Andrew Kipple ~ Small Business Owner Myrtle Beach

Being born in Conway and having lived and worked in Horry or Georgetown County all my life I got to know the Spadoni family well. Know their successful track record from a business perspective ..from a small boarding house to complex operating businesses , as well as their track record in giving back to the community that they live and work in. I know first hand their work ethic. I have watched their hard work, their dealing with the challenges and successes in life. Myrtle Beach needs Brenda’s  youthful energy , her willingness to try new ideas, and her tested leadership , and communication skills at this critical time in Myrtle Beach.  Brenda will work day and night to save our family beach and it’s heritage. Brenda will address the need to rebuild downtown, making it safe and family friendly, so that local as well as outside folks will visit and live with their families downtown again. Brenda will work to make our city safe and business friendly for locals as well as non residents to invest not only in downtown but in all of Myrtle Beach. Local investors, local residents, need to know their city is headed in a new direction. Brenda has pledged to support the Myrtle Beach Police department.  Brenda is a listener and open to new ideas .  Brenda has the energy level, operating experience, successful track record, and time to lead us through these difficult challenges.

Egerton Burroughs  ~ Small Business Owner Myrtle Beach

These are crazy times in our country and our community. We face many issues in our city that affect our local citizens and also our visitors.
Things can not stay the same or go back to the way they were- we need leadership like Brenda Bethune, who will confidently work with other council members and city officials to lead our city into the future.

She will improve Myrtle Beach for all residents, tourists and our businesses. Not only is she willing to listen to different views and do what is best in the long run for our community, she will also work to unite our city government and be transparent and honest.

Whether you own or work in a business in Myrtle Beach or you are retired- we all have the same goal, to make Myrtle Beach a safe, progressive & enjoyable place to live.
I encourage you to do your homework- Facebook pages and commentators are usually very biased with several half truths.

Our city needs to be united – we all have to be willing to look beyond our own interests and do what is best for our precious city. Brenda is the person to do that!!!

Tilghman Smith  ~ Small Business Owner Myrtle Beach

I have known Brenda for more than 10 years and she has always impressed me with her professionalism, forward thinking and vision for her businesses and her hometown.

As a life long Myrtle Beach resident and successful business owner, Brenda possesses a truly unique perspective. This combination, along with her bold vision for Myrtle Beach, makes her the ideal candidate to lead the future growth of our City.

Michael Shank

Throughout my 30+ years as a Myrtle Beach resident and business owner, I have found Brenda Bethune to bring confidence, poise, leadership, compassion and generosity to both professional and personal endeavors. She has proven to be reliable and accountable validating her qualifications to lead our city. If you do not know Brenda, I encourage you to investigate all candidates to see what I have witnessed over the last 30+ years.

Thalia Sanderson ~ Small Business Owner Myrtle Beach

Brenda Bethune 2017

Brenda Bethune is a native of Myrtle Beach, SC. Brenda is the CEO and majority owner of Better Brands, Inc. She also owns BJ Investments, a local property investment and rental company as well as two bridal boutiques. The Little White Dress in MB and Maddison Row in Charleston, SC.

Committee to elect Brenda Bethune for mayor

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